LMC555CMX/NOPB, Таймер (КР1006ВИ1) CMOS

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Таймер (КР1006ВИ1) CMOS
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Доставка LMC555CMX/NOPB, Таймер (КР1006ВИ1) CMOS в Екатеринбург

Технические параметры

  • Корпус
  • Тип упаковки
    Tape and Reel (лента в катушке)
  • Нормоупаковка
    2500 шт.
  • Вес брутто
    0.26 г.
  • Частота
  • Напряжение питания
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Описание LMC555CMX/NOPB

Таймер (КР1006ВИ1) CMOS

The LMC555CMX/NOPB is a low-power 555 Timer for generating accurate time delays and oscillation. The LMC555 offers the same capability of generating accurate time delays and frequencies as the LM555 but with much lower power dissipation and supply current spikes. When operated as a one-shot, the time delay is precisely controlled by a single external resistor and capacitor. In the stable mode the oscillation frequency and duty cycle are accurately set by two external resistors and one capacitor. The use of TI's LMCMOS process extends both the frequency range and the low supply capability.

• Reduced supply current spikes during output transitions
• Extremely low reset, trigger and threshold currents
• Excellent temperature stability
• Pin-for-pin compatible with 555 series of timers
• <1mW Typical power dissipation at 5V supply

Тип1-канальный Таймер/Осциллятор, 555
Частота3 МГц
Напряжение питания1.5...15 В
Ток потребления150 мкА
Рабочая температура-40…+85 C
КорпусSOIC-8 (0.154")
Вес, г0.15