TLC5926IDWR, Драйвер светодиодной подсветки линейный 24-SOIC

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Драйвер светодиодной подсветки линейный 24-SOIC
Код товара: 246375
Дата обновления: 20.09.2021 21:10
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Доставка TLC5926IDWR, Драйвер светодиодной подсветки линейный 24-SOIC в Екатеринбург

Технические параметры

  • Корпус
  • Тип упаковки
    Tape and Reel (лента в катушке)
  • Нормоупаковка
    2000 шт.

Описание TLC5926IDWR

Драйвер светодиодной подсветки линейный 24-SOIC

The TLC5926IDWR is a 16-channel Constant Current LED Sink Driver designed for LED displays and LED lighting applications with open-load, shorted-load and over-temperature detection and constant-current control. The TLC5926 contains a 16-bit shift register and data latches, which convert serial input data into parallel output format. At the output stage, 16 regulated-current ports provide uniform and constant current for driving LEDs within a wide range of VF (forward voltage) variations. Used in systems designed for LED display applications (for example, LED panels), TLC5926 provides great flexibility and device performance. Users can adjust the output current from 5 to 120mA through an external resistor Rext, which gives flexibility in controlling the light intensity of LEDs. The TLC5926 is designed for up to 17V at the output port. The high clock frequency 30MHz also satisfies the system requirements of high-volume data transmission.

• 16 Constant-current output channels
• Output current adjusted through single external resistor
• Constant output current range (5 to 120mA)
• Constant output current invariant to load voltage change
• Open load and short load detection
• 256-step Programmable global current gain
• Excellent output current accuracy
• 30MHz Clock frequency
• Schmitt-trigger inputs
• Thermal shutdown for over-temperature protection
• Green product and no Sb/Br

EU RoHSCompliant
Part StatusActive
Number of Segments16
Minimum Operating Supply Voltage (V)3
Maximum Operating Supply Voltage (V)5.5
Typical Operating Supply Voltage (V)5|3.3
Output Voltage (V)-0.5 to 20
Maximum Supply Current (uA)20000
Low Level Output Current (uA)1000
High Level Output Current (uA)-1000
Maximum Power Dissipation (mW)2200
Minimum Operating Temperature (°C)-40
Maximum Operating Temperature (°C)125
PackagingTape and Reel
Standard Package NameSOP
Pin Count24
Supplier PackageSOIC
MountingSurface Mount
Package Height2.35(Max)
Package Length15.6(Max)
Package Width7.6(Max)
PCB changed24
Lead ShapeGull-wing
Вес, г1.5