TPS54260DGQ, Преобразователь постоянного тока понижающий подстраиваемый 2.5А

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Преобразователь постоянного тока понижающий подстраиваемый 2.5А
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Доставка TPS54260DGQ, Преобразователь постоянного тока понижающий подстраиваемый 2.5А в Екатеринбург

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    Tube (туба)
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    80 шт.
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    0.08 г.
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Описание TPS54260DGQ

Преобразователь постоянного тока понижающий подстраиваемый 2.5А

The TPS54260DGQ is a 60V/2.5A Step-down Regulator with an integrated high-side MOSFET. Current mode control provides simple external compensation and flexible component selection. A low-ripple, pulse skip mode reduces the no load, regulated output supply current to 138µA. Using the enable pin, shutdown supply current is reduced to 1.3µA, when the enable pin is low. Under-voltage lockout (UVLO) is internally set at 2.5V, but can be increased using the enable pin. The output voltage start-up ramp is controlled by the slow-start pin that can also be configured for sequencing and tracking. An open-drain Power Good signal indicates the output is within 94 to 107% of its nominal voltage. A wide switching frequency range allows efficiency and external component size to be optimized. Frequency foldback and thermal shutdown protects the part during an overload condition.

• 200mR High-side MOSFET
• High efficiency at light loads with a pulse-skipping Eco-Mode™
• 138µA Operating quiescent current
• 1.3µA Shutdown current
• 100kHz to 2.5MHz Switching frequency
• Synchronizes to external clock
• Adjustable slow-start and sequencing
• UV and OV Power Good output
• Adjustable UVLO voltage and hysteresis
• 0.8V Internal voltage reference
• Green product and no Sb/Br

Maximum Operating Temperature+150 °C
Number of Outputs1
BrandTexas Instruments
Package TypeMSOP
Minimum Input Voltage3.5 V
Mounting TypeПоверхностный монтаж
Minimum Operating Temperature-40 °C
Maximum Switching Frequency720 kHz
Output TypeРегулируемый
Pin Count10
Dimensions3.1 x 3.1 x 0.95mm
Switching RegulatorYes
Maximum Input Voltage60 В
Maximum Output Current2.5A
Maximum Output Voltage58 V
Minimum Output Voltage0.8 V
Regulator FunctionStep Down
Вес, г0.45

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  • TPS54260DGQR DC-DC 3.5V to 60V Step Down Single-Out 0.8V to 58V 2.5A 10-Pin HVSSOP EP T/R
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